Code Search Dashboard

Note: Information has been scrubbed to protect the privacy of the client.

The primary goal of this project was to display a long list of code repositories and its associated details to the user while preserving simplicity. The top section of this page was meticulously designed to provide quick and effortless access to the user's saved code repositories via their profile.

In addition, the top section was primarily dedicated to filtering capabilities. It displayed prominent categories and subcategories of code repositories that users could interact with, thereby reducing the overall number of visible code repositories. This feature enables users to refine their selections, ensuring a more precise and user-friendly search experience. The lower half of the page was devoted to showcasing the code repositories themselves. With a split into two columns, users could view the comprehensive list of repositories on the left-hand side, and upon selection, the repository's content and detailed information would be displayed on the right-hand side. This design approach ensures a balanced and intuitive layout, promoting user engagement and ease of use.

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