Relic Sword Design

My history with titles such as World of Warcraft, League of Legends, and many others games drove me to take a stab at video game UI design, a realm fundamentally distinct from traditional websites and web applications. This project represented an exploration of these unique design elements, where more graphics, colors, animations, and polished elements are integral to the overall user experience. The allure of video game UIs and HUDs lies in their ability to captivate players while retaining immense functionality.

Experimenting with user inputs from controllers, compared to the typical mouse and keyboard on a PC, offered a fresh perspective on interaction design. I chose to utilize Photoshop for this project, given its suitability for creating custom graphics, gradients, images, and intricate lighting effects. The final piece is a panel from a hypothetical video game where players can select and modify a powerful weapon variant of their choice. The design showcases the weapon's augmented attributes and full stats, intending to provide players with a clear, immersive, and visually engaging experience. This project reflects my ongoing passion for pushing the boundaries of UI/UX design, demonstrating the adaptability of my design skills across varied platforms and user inputs.

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