Riot Site Design

As a seasoned player of Riot Games' titles over the past 12 years, their vibrant and immersive worlds have been a huge source of inspiration for my creative endeavors. My love for their products led me to design a hub that spotlights trending articles, patch notes, and the latest news for a variety of their games. To ensure seamless navigation, I incorporated search functionality, game categorization, trending articles, patch notes, and other elements that emphasize user engagement.

The challenge of this project lay in encapsulating the sleek, cutting-edge style of Riot within the constraints of a website, without bleeding into the realm of a complex web application. I aimed to create an interface that was not just functional and visually appealing, but also resonated with Riot’s brand identity. This meant meticulous attention to color schemes, potential font choices, and component organization, all in line with Riot Games' style guides. While striving for an authentic representation, it was crucial to strike a delicate balance between style and content, avoiding a cluttered design. The goal was a user-friendly, intuitive design that both encapsulated the Riot Games essence and offered a delightful user experience.

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