Form Design

Note: Information has been scrubbed to protect the privacy of the client.

The purpose of this project was to design a form that would allow for daily data entry by field workers at a solar power plant. This form simplifies the process of daily work order completion compared to its predecessor and also enhances cost analysis capabilities. Its structure includes several subsections, each meticulously crafted to record updates, track costs, and facilitate seamless communication about the day's work progress.

Taking into account development constraints, I chose a design style akin to Angular Material for the form fields, striking a balance between functionality and aesthetic appeal. The familiar blue and white color scheme aligns perfectly with the overarching design of the application, providing a consistent visual experience for the users. Unique to this form is its accessibility, being designed as a pop-up feature on any page of the application. This enables users to swiftly open and log data as required, or close it to return to their primary tasks.

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