Inspired by Norse culture and the game "God of War: Ragnarok," I decided to create a website detailing the nine realms of Norse mythology. I wanted to blend elements of culture, fantasy, and gaming into a design that could showcase each realm's inhabitants, factions, and locations. To do this, I turned to DallE, an AI-based design tool. I fed DallE the prompt “Website designed to showcase aspects of Norse Culture that is stylistically similar to a modern video game site,” and what I got back was an intriguing loose template that set the foundation for my website.

DallE's output became my springboard, giving me a raw layout to refine and polish in Figma. I transformed this rough sketch into a fully realized design, matching up images, text, carousels, and other UI components suggested by DallE's image. The tool proved to be a real time-saver, cutting out hours of initial brainstorming and sketching, and giving me intuitive UI structures to work with. Plus, it could churn out hundreds of images from the same prompt, offering a wealth of options to mix and match for a design tailored to my needs. Through this project, I got to dive deep into the crossroads of design, tech, and personal inspiration.

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