Keeping with the theme of Norse Mythology, I delved deeper into DallE's image generation capabilities for this project. I entered the prompt “Modern website UI inspired by Norse Gods & Runes,” resulting in a wireframe mockup embodying elements of a website. Large rectangles and small circles suggested carousel cards and rune images respectively. Using Figma, I adhered strictly to the shapes and placements from DallE’s output in creating the final mockup. However, this unwavering adherence soon revealed itself as a potential misstep, highlighting AI's limitations in intuitive design.

On the page’s bottom section, circles were scattered across what seemed to be three individual cards in a carousel. The text surrounding these circles was sporadic and small, offering no apparent value to the user due to its short length. Images associated with Odin, while potentially interpretable, were not explicitly labeled, leading to a non-intuitive design. The project highlighted that, while AI tools like DallE provide inspiration and a design starting point, they fail to fully comprehend user-specific needs or context. It was a reminder that, as a designer, I need to consider the UX carefully when transferring components from AI-generated images to ensure the final design meets the end-users' needs and expectations.

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