ProbCause Shop Redesign

The core objective of this website is to market art prints, branded apparel, and other unique creations by ProbCause, a notable rapper in the EDM scene. The site also promotes his music, displays tour dates, and offers a glimpse into his persona. Known for his abstract, cubist-style portraits and similarly abstract electronic music, ProbCause's distinct artistic style needed to be mirrored in the website design.

With the intent to capture his dual visual and auditory artistry, the website design employs a predominantly black and white palette, with colors reserved for art print images, merchandise, and select visuals. To echo the abstract nature of his work, text and images slightly intersect, all while maintaining a user-friendly interface. The site also features comprehensive tour dates with corresponding links and a mapped tour route. The store prototype presents a more structured layout, showcasing available products and leading customers through a bespoke Shopify design. This strategy focuses on customer retention and conversion, yet preserves the abstract aesthetic that permeates the rest of the site.

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