User Dashboard Design

Note: Information has been scrubbed to protect the privacy of the client.

The purpose of this project was to create a dashboard designed to monitor work done at a solar power plant. At the heart of the dashboard are two distinct tables showcasing information related to scheduled outages and requisite work orders.

The design of the tables enables user-friendly navigation with enhanced filtering capabilities and horizontal scrolling. This strategic feature ensures optimal use of space for additional columns, sustains readability as the page is resized, and maintains constant visibility of the most crucial information in the pinned leftmost column. However, the critical and defining aspect of this design was its responsiveness and streamlined aesthetic. This was achieved through a consistent color scheme and a minimalist approach, as buttons, text, and other components were kept to a bare minimum. For improved user experience on small devices like iPads and iPhones, tables dynamically resize into dropdown menus at certain screen sizes.

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